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Sunday Morning Cartoon

In last weeks sermon, Pastor referenced this quote: Once we sided with our sin against a dreadful God, now we side with God against our dreadful sin.

– artwork by Matthew West

Q&A after the Sermon

Zacchaeus was accused of sin but didn’t try and defend himself of it. How do we combat our desire to put ourselves in a better light?

I think it’s connected with the need for us not to judge others. We need to be conscious of our condemnation and judgmental attitude. So the starting place is not being so quick to, either internally or externally, pointing out other people’s flaws all the time as if we have none.

Why do we defend our sin or redirect it at someone else?

It’s our fallen human nature to think more highly of ourselves than we ought, not wanting to own up to who we really are. We also want to look better in the eyes of others, wanting approval or acceptance so we spin ourselves better than we really are.

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