Stephen Ministry

Caring for people in need is at the heart of ministry here at First Baptist Church of Alachua.  All of us experience stressful, difficult times in life. The list seems endless, people who are grieving, loneliness, marital difficulties, divorce, loss of a job, a move to a new area, providing long-term care for a loved one, hospitalization…and on it goes.

People often do not have a caregiver or a caregiver they can count on.  Too many times, when a crisis or challenge hits, many people have no one to turn to and end up facing it alone.

Stephen Ministry is intended to meet that need for care.  Stephen Ministry is a lay ministry, providing one-to-one, confidential care-giving that provides distinctively Christian care to individuals in and outside of FBC Alachua.

Stephen Ministers are highly trained lay people who meet with their care receivers (those in need) about an hour each week.  They listen, care, encourage, and provide emotional and spiritual support in a highly confidential setting.  The caring relationship lasts as long as the care receiver is in need.

With Stephen Ministry, people no longer have to go through crises and difficulties alone.   Instead, they have a Stephen Minister – a well trained, caring, Christian friend who will walk alongside them for as long as necessary, providing the emotional and spiritual care they need.

Stephen Ministry is Christ caring for people through people.

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