Church History

C.S. Lewis once said, “Whatever we have been, in some sort we still are.” This is why it is vital we know our history, not just as Americans but as Christians. The history of the church is sometimes tragic and sometimes glorious, but it is all our heritage and it shapes how we practice our faith today.

Join us September 30th from 11:30-5:00 in the youth room for a day of learning about our church history. We will start with a lunch at 11:30 followed by four sessions covering the topics;

  • The Early Church (70-529)
  • The Medieval Church (529-1516)
  • The Reformation (1516-1650)
  • The Modern Church (1650-Present)

The event is $10 (to be collected day of) to cover food costs. If you would like to participate please let the church know. Email Pastor Doug.


11:30 – Lunch and Welcome
12:30 – Church History Bootcamp Begins/Opening Prayer
12:40 – Teaching Session 1
1:40 – Break
1:50 – Teaching Session 2
2:50 – Break 2
3:00 – Teaching Session 3
4:00 – Break 3
4:10 – Teaching Session 4
5:00 – Boot Camp Concludes

Join us for our next Going Deeper Boot Camp on church history and discover your heritage.

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