Lottie Moon Week of Prayer – Day 7

For our last day of videos and prayer, see what God has done, the miracles He’s caused here.

Lottie Moon Week of Prayer – Day 6

At Shane and Lindsay Mikeska’s house in London, Christmas tradition is anything but traditional. Holiday after holiday, the world converges in their kitchen.

“Last year, we had an Iranian student and Indian student baking Christmas cookies with a girl from Lebanon and another from Hong Kong,” Shane said. And as they all sat down to eat dinner, a traditional Mexican meal that the Mikeskas prepare every year on Christmas Day, more kept coming.

“One girl who came was Iranian, and she realized that another Iranian girl sitting at our table was a Christian, so she asked her to tell her story,” Shane said. “For 45 minutes, this girl boldly shared the gospel.” It’s something the Mikeskas, IMB missionaries, say happens all the time in their city. London has 48 universities, and a quarter of the student population comes from other countries. Across the city, 300 languages are spoken.

Learn how to pray for them here.

Lottie Moon Week of Prayer – Day 5

Don Allan (name changed) reaches the forgotten refugees in the middle east. Learn how you can support him in prayer and watch his story here.

Lottie Moon Week of Prayer – Day 4

Todd Beal is a missionary in Mexico City leading a team of twelve to reach 28 Million. Watch their story here.

Lottie Moon Week of Prayer – Day 3

Today we look at the Jones family of Japan as we continue praying for the IMB and the Lottie Moon offering.

Learn about the Jones Family

Lottie Moon Week of Prayer – Day 2

Learn about IMB Missionaries efforts to reach the Muslims of Russia by visiting their site here.

Day 1 of the IMB prayer week

Take a minute to learn how you can be praying for the International Mission Board, our Missionaries, and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. Go watch Day 1’s video here.

New Going Deeper Circles

Two more Going Deeper Circles (short-term small groups) will be starting in January. Click here to learn more and sign up.

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